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PTC Windchill PLM and Autodesk Fusion Manage: Which is best?

windchill features best plm software
Written by Edwin Chung
Published on April 12, 2024

When choosing a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, it is important to thoroughly compare the solutions on the market. You have likely heard great things about the two we will be covering today. To aid in your decision, we will detail the unique features and pitfalls of each solution. Here are the specifics on which PLM software is better: PTC Windchill PLM or Autodesk Fusion Manage.

PTC Windchill

First, let’s cover a few key features of Windchill. PTC Windchill is a premier PLM program that manages all facets of product development and production processes. It offers protection and traceability for intellectual property by documenting modifications and development requirements. Windchill also provides user-friendly collaboration tools that foster communication and increase efficiency. 

windchill vs fusion plm software

Autodesk Fusion Manage

Autodesk Fusion Manage is a cloud-based PLM solution. Originally called Fusion 360 Manage with Upchain, Fusion Manage combines the former PLM solution Upchain (acquired by Autodesk in 2021) with their established solution, Fusion 360. Similarly to Windchill, Fusion Manage is used to improve collaboration and increase productivity among product development employees. 

windchill vs fusion plm software
windchill vs fusion plm software

Windchill and Fusion Manage Capabilities

While the two PLM solutions have many differences, they have a lot of the same features. Here is a list of those shared capabilities:

  • BOM Management including EBOM and MBOM that offers 3D visualization.
  • Collaboration Tools for facilitating communication.
  • Product Data Management (PDM) capabilities for monitoring data, documents, and CAD models
  • Quality Management processes including a closed-loop system.
  • Supply Chain Management features for managing supplier relationships and tracking supplier performance.
  • Customizable Reporting and Analytics tools for monitoring KPIs and leading organizations in the right direction based on insights.
  • Manufacturing Process Management features for creating customizable workflows and improving efficiency.
  • Resource Management tools for tracking resource usage, performance, and productivity.
  • Scalability and Performance features proving both software are designed to scale from small teams to large enterprises. Both have the ability to handle large data volumes and thousands of users.
  • CAD Integration with varying CAD software.

With these similarities comes a list of stark differences that may shed some light on the better solution. Let’s explore those.

Change Management
Configuration Management
Market Competition
Offers advanced change management capabilities designed to handle complex changes throughout the product lifecycle.
Has advanced configuration management capabilities that ensure product quality, compliance, and consistency.
Includes features that help ensure compliance with industry standards, regulations, and quality requirements including CAPA, ITAR, GDPR, and ISO standards.
Offers more value for the cost. Its flexible and comprehensive features make it more valuable, which can be seen in the price comparison.
Although more costly than Fusion Manage, Windchill has a competitive price for the market. It has established itself as a strong competitor among PLM solutions due to its configurable architecture, collaborative features, and regulatory compliance support.
Offers basic change management capabilities that are not as flexible as Windchill’s.
Has basic configuration management features that are not as in-depth as Windchill’s.
Includes regulatory compliance management tools but it often needs extra configuring to comply with industry-specific requirements. As of when this blog is posted, it also does not work in ITAR-compliant environments.
Fusion Manage is inexpensive, however you are paying for what you get. It does not have as many in-depth features as other PLM software.
In addition to not being as in-depth, Fusion Manage has yet to establish itself as a significant PLM software on the market. Fusion Manage’s only niche is the cost difference, making it a frequent choice for first-time PLM users or previous Autodesk customers. It is uncommon for a customer to switch their current PLM software to Fusion Manage. This is because its capabilities are basic compared to most PLM solutions on the market.

Value of Windchill

Once you put the two software head-to-head, it becomes clear that Fusion Manage has fewer capabilities than Windchill. While they both manage product lifecycles at the surface, Fusion Manage focuses more on product management whereas Windchill has features for the full product lifecycle. Windchill’s unique features make it a powerful solution for organizations hoping to streamline lifecycle management and product development procedures.

Get Started with Windchill

If you’ve come to the same conclusion as our experts and would like a 48% decrease in time to market, we can help you utilize PTC Windchill as your PLM solution. Contact us today to get started.

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