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Maximizing ROI and Minimizing Costs with Atlassian Cloud

Written by Michael Roberts
Published on February 16, 2024

With the impending deadline for Atlassian Server support on February 14, 2024 you’re likely at a crossroad – contemplating the transition to Atlassian Cloud or potentially already on it and wondering how to save costs on your stack. At SPK & Associates, we recognize this migration is not just about meeting a deadline. In fact, it’s a strategic opportunity to align your Atlassian tools with business objectives. That means you’ll need to focus on your Atlassian tools, cost savings and long-term value.

In our extensive conversations with businesses already on this journey, we highlight key areas for both cost-saving and where greater value can be realized.  Collaborating with Atlassian partners, such as SPK also provides better potential to maximize license discounts. However, the conversation extends beyond the immediate cost of software.  Check out some of the best ways your organization can drive more value with a trusted Atlassian partner.

Atlassian cost savings Atlassian tools

6 Ways To Create Atlassian Cost Savings 

1. Optimal License Discounts

Trusted Atlassian partners, like SPK, support you to gain access to the most advantageous license discounts. We’re focused on ensuring immediate cost reductions and sustained Return on Investment (ROI). It’s more than just saving on licenses; it’s about aligning these tools with your business needs. Learn more about how we can save you money on Atlassian licensing.

Atlassian cost savings Atlassian tools

2. Comprehensive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

At SPK & Associates, we emphasize a comprehensive approach to TCO, ensuring organizations factor in all elements contributing to the long-term value of their Atlassian tools.

Our partnership with Atlassian means we can better guide you in grasping the holistic financial picture. If you would like to explore the total cost of ownership yourself, you can do so with tools like Atlassian’s Cloud Savings Calculator. Alternatively, we offer personalized assistance to comprehend TCO fully.  Contact us here if you want to discuss support.

3. Strategic Third-Party App Management

Transitioning to Atlassian Cloud provides a unique opportunity to conduct a thorough review of third-party Marketplace apps. SPK can identify redundant or obsolete apps, streamlining your Atlassian environment for maximum efficiency.  One common identification that happens when we are migrating clients to the Atlassian Cloud is to review their apps in preparation for migration.  A common conversation around the marketplace apps is for our team to question a client about the use of a specific app.  Sometimes clients have to go to other stakeholders to confirm if apps are even being used.  This is a simple but effective audit for cost.

Also, Atlassian charges for their marketplace apps by the number of users in the instance, not the number of users using the marketplace app.  So this is important to remember when purchasing new apps.  How beneficial and widely used is this app?

Atlassian cost savings Atlassian tools

Beyond mere cost reduction, this strategic approach guides you on how Atlassian Cloud’s native functionalities can replace or complement third-party apps. Ultimately, this can help you unlock additional cost savings. Chat with us to review and consolidate your applications.

4. Efficient Hardware Optimization

Migrating to Atlassian Cloud empowers your organization to decommission outdated servers. Essentially this can result in tangible reductions in both hardware and hardware management costs. Furthermore, this is particularly beneficial for companies dealing with legacy systems. For example, it can address performance issues through strategic infrastructure optimization. SPK is committed to ensuring your transition to the cloud is not just seamless but optimized for scalability, contributing to long-term cost savings. It’s also one of the reasons we take the time to ensure your cloud readiness. Learn more about our cloud readiness assessment.

Atlassian cost savings Atlassian tools

5. Streamlined Administration and Automation Excellence

Beyond the obvious Atlassian cost savings potential, our team understands the true impact of migration lies in the efficient day-to-day management of your Atlassian tools. Atlassian Cloud introduces streamlined administration and automation capabilities, significantly reducing the administrative burden. This not only presents potential reductions in administrative staff but also opens avenues for redirecting resources towards high-impact, value-added initiatives. Check out the other reasons you should move to Atlassian Cloud now.


6. Elevated Productivity and Revenue Acceleration

At SPK, we place a strong emphasis on measuring success by enhanced productivity and revenue generation. Embracing Atlassian Cloud’s streamlined processes, consolidated apps, and improved native functionalities positions your organization for increased efficiency. Fewer tickets, faster issue resolution, and an overall reduction in downtime translate to a positive impact on your bottom line. It’s not just about saving costs; it’s about unlocking revenue potential aligned with your business objectives.

If you’re still unsure whether Atlassian Cloud is for you, we recommend you read this Atlassian Cloud vs. Data Center comparison.

Work With SPK For Better Atlassian Cost Savings

Your Atlassian journey is a strategic shift, not just a technical transition. SPK & Associates, acting as strategic partners, ensure every aspect aligns with your business goals. Our focus extends beyond immediate cost savings, aiming to align Atlassian tools with your unique business needs for long-term value. We tailor solutions to navigate complexities, from consolidating apps to better Atlassian licensing. Contact us and take the first step to better Atlassian tools in your business.

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