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How PTC Windchill Transformed Volvo Trucks’ Product Lifecycle

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Written by Edwin Chung
Published on February 2, 2024

Volvo depends on concurrent engineering to manage product complexities. They accelerate industrialization by efficiently sharing design changes between engineering and manufacturing. This is crucial for quick component development and production. For Volvo, PTC Windchill speeds up Volvo Trucks’ product lifecycle, enhancing market time and quality. Watch the video above or check out the summary below to discover how PTC Windchill transformed Volvo Trucks’ product lifecycle and accelerated time to market and improved product quality.

PTC Windchill for Efficient Product Development

To achieve their goals, Volvo utilizes PTC Windchill PLM.

PTC Windchill PLM enables this efficient, accurate, and traceable workflow for product development while reducing time to market, lowering costs, and improving quality. Moreover, utilizing Creo’s generative design, Volvo developed a new cooling fan integrated into a configurable eBOM, streamlining various designs. Consequently, this new generatively designed fan is:

  • Lighter.
  • Stronger.
  • Compatible with every engine variant.
  • Reduces supply chain complexity and increases reliability.

How Volvo Uses PTC Windchill PLM To Improve Product Development And Collaboration

  • Windchill’s Change Orchestration Process: Suppliers are notified of updates via their ERP systems. A change task is automatically sent to the manufacturing engineer at Volvo for engine assembly.
  • Efficient Design Changes Implementation: Engineers utilize PTC Windchill, comparing visualized Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and electronic Bill of Materials (eBOM). Then, they incorporate changes into downstream planning deliverables.
  • Streamlined Process Updates: Next, engineers view modifications in the eBOM, save changes, and propagate them to the MOM. After, the assembly process is updated, ensuring accurate integration of added components.
  • Detailed Process Planning and Simulation: Through playback functionality, engineers review step-by-step assembly, inserting operations and addressing complexity. Industrial path solutions simulate the cooling fan assembly, refining the process plan for optimal installation.
  • Work Instructions Preparation: All details, including CAD models, are integrated into the process plan. Then, engineers prepare detailed work instructions linked to assets, ready for deployment on the assembly line.
  • Quality Assurance with Augmented Reality: Inspectors use augmented reality for post-assembly checks, detecting errors before products leave the factory. Furthermore, Windchill ensures closed-loop quality with MPM and ThingWorx, facilitating quick corrections by reporting issues.
  • Seamless Information Transfer: Ultimately, PTC Windchill PLM establishes a digital thread. It connects design to the shop floor, improving efficiency, quality and accelerating time-to-market.

Want To See How PTC Windchill PLM Can Accelerate Your Product Development?

SPK are proud partners of PTC and can support you to get started with any PTC products, including Windchill PLM.

Contact us to get trusted support and speed up your time to market.

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