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Kanban Boards In Jira Software for Med-Device Documentation Team

SPK helps a renowned medical device maker to add speed, visibility, metrics, and improved communication and collaboration to their teams tasked with creating product labels and user manuals.   The Client A globally recognized maker of medical devices was tasked...

Three Trends Are Transforming The Service Desk

Your IT service desk is about to change. Find out what's shaping the future. Three factors — enterprise service management (ESM), collaboration, and intelligent service management — are driving the transformation of the service desk. To better meet customers’ needs...
Confluence upgrading to 4.0 from 3.8

Confluence upgrading to 4.0 from 3.8

Recently, we upgraded Confluence to 4.0, the latest revision and was pleasantly surprised by the process. The upgrade was seamless, well documented, and no major issues found. Upgrading confluence would have been really simple if we wanted to retain the same server....