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A client provided our company with its purpose in 1998 when they approached us and asked us to support a Unix-based Engineering Design environment. At the time we did not have any Unix expertise on staff, but… the client knew of our reputation for uncompromising quality and convinced us to give it a try anyway. Fourteen years later we have proven again and again that we will find a way to supply what our clients need no matter how difficult or different, because we are completely focused on our client’s needs.

Today, we are a technology services company completely focused on fulfilling the specialized needs of R&D or Engineering groups.  Rather than providing generic IT services like many other IT Services companies, we decided that we would become absolutely great at understanding the business of R&D.  Then, we translate that into tech services designed to speed up product design and release while improving your product quality.  We do not operate outside of Engineering; we work for Engineering.

Our company was co-founded in 1997 by Steve Kling, the Western Region Professional Services Manager for Hewlett-Packard, and Christine (Chris) McHale, a business manager for the same HP consulting organization.

Steve brought a passion for customer support and quality, and the ability and experience to build a close knit team of service professionals with the same philosophy. Chris brought a deep knowledge of business strategy and systems, along with the ability and drive to deliver exceptional technical consulting.

Today, while our company has grown, the philosophy remains the same and every consultant at SPK shares a dedication to surpass the expectations of each one of our clients.

While we are in business to assist our clients, we also have specific social goals in mind as well. SPK currently contributes a portion of its profits to charities, both local and international. Chris is directly involved in a number of organizations that provide small business development and technology services to regions in Africa.

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